A Tribute to a Stay at Gateshead

“Dear Basie and Carien

We have never met, but I understand you are well acquainted with my family, and with my late Mom and Dad, Sophia and Brian.

Martin von Holt and his family, and my son, Luke (16) and I spent a few days recently at Gateshead.

It was extraordinary in many ways, not only for the exceptional natural allure of the place, but in the experience in itself with family and son, and also as a celebration of my parents and what they held so dear.

We have heard many campfire stories of their experiences with you and your countrymen in this heaven on earth, and this is a thank-you for allowing us to have a small glimpse of your world.

I hope we can meet in the future.

You have a wealth of beautiful images of your waters, but I would like you to have another with which you are free to do whatever you choose. For me, it sums up the reverence of this beautiful spot.

Many, many thanks.
Johann von Holt  16 April 2014”

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